Blethering about Scotland – Impressions of 6B’s Project Week in Scotland (April 5-12, 2014)

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The Weather

When I first got off the plane I noticed that it was rainy and windy. My experience in Vienna has taught me that people will be grumpy in bad weather, but the people in Scotland weren’t. And soon we were infected by the good mood of the Scots: The rain wasn’t rainy any more, it was refreshing. The wind wasn’t annoying any more when it blew our hair into our faces, it was just giving us a new look.


The Accent

Throughout this trip, I slowly started to understand a little bit of the Scottish accent. Elena, Amelia and I were in the cinema watching a Scottish movie on our last day. We understood almost everything they were saying. If we had watched this film before our trip, I’m sure it would have been more difficult for us to understand the speakers. Since David, our bus-driver and guide in the Highlands, taught us a few Scottish expressions, it was easier to understand the Scots, at least a wee bit!

Mai Linh


The first thing that pops into mind when I think of Glasgow, is the mixture of colours that Glasgow is covered in: The lovely light pink leaves of the cherry trees in Kelvingrove Park and the red brick buildings one could spot at every turn.


The city of Glasgow has different faces. All the houses looked rundown from the outside because of the different brownish-colored bricks. But inside – looking through the big bay windows – they looked luxurious and with modern furniture. This surprised me over and over again while walking around.


Glasgow is a pretty big city, so we rode around with the City Sightseeing Bus to see the most famous sights. I thought it was fun because it started to rain and we all sat on the open top of the bus and had a big laugh.


Our Sunday evening in Glasgow was spent on Buchanan Street, where some of us met a young street musician. I got the chance to play the guitar with him. For three minutes, I was a street musician on Glasgow’s main shopping street!


What impressed me the most was the Glasgow School of Art. I was excited this day from the second I jumped out of bed to see the work of the genius Charles Rennie Mackintosh with my own eyes. Standing on the street, looking up to the top of the building, I recognized the wind chime I had been reading about and researching for my Art Nouveau presentation, and I was just speechless….The whole building was steeped in art history.


Oban on the western coast

My favorite stop during our time in the Highlands was definitely Oban. The view was so astonishing when we were driving down the little hill and the sea was glistening in the sun.


The youth hostel with the most stunning view from our breakfast room window was definitely in Oban. Located just about 20 meters away from the beach we could see the calm waves in the sea, the tiny boats in the distance and parts of islands. There is a good reason why Oban is also called ‘’Gateway to the Isles’’. For me as a big fan of all kinds of oceans, strolling down the beach and picking up small shells was my highlight in Oban.



At the end of our week we went to Edinburgh, which was the most astonishing city I’ve ever been to. The colours are just out of this world and the castle is awesome. (Note: The sun finally shone for two days!)


I liked the Witchery Tour we went on and found it very amusing and informative at the same time. The best parts were definitely the “jumper-ooters” (Note: people who jump out from the shadows and scare the people on the tour). You couldn’t stop focusing on your surroundings for a second, otherwise you would get your pants scared off.


Personal View of the Highlands

I remember looking out of the window while driving through the Highlands and it was perfect. Everything was peaceful while vibrating with life. I remember the moment we drove into Glen Coe; the picture of the valley is forever in my mind, ready to be taken out when I want to remember. That was probably one of the most stunningly beautiful places I’ve seen in my entire life.…When I think back, I mostly don’t remember what we did on which days exactly….Every moment, all the different feelings, the whole panoply that made up this trip to Scotland is etched in my memory, and most likely will be for a very, very long time…


Project Work in Class

I had a great time preparing and presenting the oral reports, listening to all the oral reports, reading interesting articles, listening to live bagpipe music and even trying out how to play the bagpipe. Preparing for an event for such a long time makes the event itself even more amazing!


It was my first trip to an English-speaking country…The whole project on Scotland opened new doors for us. We have learned so much and are so grateful for that.