Berichte aus Zwickau

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Impressions of Zwickau

My impressions about Zwickau were positive because I met new people, made friends and had a good week.

What about my host family? They were very nice to me. We understood each other well and had a fun time.

All in all, Erasmus+ was my big chance to improve my English and learn a lot of new and interesting things.

Thank you Erasmus+

Anastasia Cotofan 4A

I really liked the week, because it was a great opportunity to meet new people and I made great friends this week. It was also interesting what the other children told us about their country, especially the Danish and Romanian kids. The teachers were also really friendly and the CLIL lessons were interesting.

I really liked Dresden, because it is a beautiful city and we had some free time. That was pretty great. I also liked the VW firm, because to see how it all works was very interesting and how perfect robotics work impressed me.

I will definitely meet the other kids again and I am looking forward to when they come to Vienna.

Theresa Kogler 4C

I really loved the time in Zwickau! The teachers, the host families and especially the other kids were very friendly, and I cried so much as I had to leave them. The town Zwickau was wonderful too. The school where we were taught in the morning was big and modern, I really liked it. The CLIL lessons were very interesting, as were the activities in the afternoon. I learned so many things about start-ups and so on. The day we spent in Dresden was nice. We had much free time, so we could walk through Dresden and look at the beautiful houses that were built in an old style. Every morning, when I woke up, I thought „Oh no, it’s already Wednesday (...Thursday, Friday...)! I have to leave in a few days. I don’t want to leave!” And then I got up and made the best of the day. I gathered so much new experience and I made new friends. (Some of them will visit Vienna next summer! ) It was certainly one of the best weeks of my life, and I could have spent some months there.

Fiona Walatscher, 4C

The week in Zwickau was awesome. Especially Dresden because we were allowed to visit the “Frauenkirche’’. The city is beautiful! Unfortunately the weather was rainy and it was pretty cold. It was very cool that we were allowed to go shopping for two hours.

My host family was very friendly and open to me. I felt very comfortable and miss them already a lot!

I met many new friends from different countries and I hope to see or visit them soon. The trip to Zwickau was a wonderful experience for me!

Emma Weiss 4B

For me the Erasmus+ Project was wonderful. I met a lot of new people and a lot of new friends. I improved my English and I just have to tell every one who has the chance to do the Erasmus+ Project: DO IT!

My host family was very friendly and the meals there were very good. But now I'm sad because I miss everyone the students but also the teachers.

Thank you for the wonderful week!!

David Gabriel 4A

The Erasmus week was an amazing experience for me, because I had never been to Germany and I had always wanted to see what it was like.

As expected I made lots of new friends and learned a lot about the people from the other countries.

Even though I was at a different school and didn’t know very many people, I felt very welcomed there.

I thought that everything we were taught was actually very important and useful, since I am learning some of the things again in school and I already have a large head start.

I would surely do it all again if I could.

Mae Raich 4B

Erasmus + Diary Zwickau

Sunday 6th November

On Sunday the 6 November we met at Wien Meidling where our train to Zwickau was going to leave. We were all very excited and on the train we discussed how our guest families will be and what the other children will be like. We also spent the time listening to music and playing games. We had to change train twice. In the last train we practiced the presentation about our school, which we had to prepare. We even got feedback from a friendly passenger. The whole trip took us 7 to 8 hours but it wasn’t that exhausting because travelling by train is actually pretty relaxing. When we arrived at the train station our guest families already waited there. All of them were very friendly and the rest of the evening we spent with them.

Monday 7th November

Monday was our first day at school. At 8 o’ clock the presentations began. All the children introduced and talked about their school and their town. They also said something about the culture and food they have. One girl sang a Romanian song! We brought “Mannerschnitten’’ for everybody.

Then the CLIL lessons started. In the beginning we played a few games to meet the other kids. Next we talked about how to build up a business and what you would need for it (money, customers, etc.). Mrs Bernkopf and Miss Hienert also taught us the different industrial sectors. We were allowed to find our own company.

In the afternoon we walked around Zwickau and had to fill out a questionnaire. That was a lot of fun but it rained and snowed the whole time so we all got very wet!

Tuesday 8th November

On Tuesday we were spit in to two groups, like during the whole week. Our topic in this CLIL-lesson was "start ups". Our teachers were from Rhauderfen, Germany. We learned what is important to start a "start up" for example we need seed capital. Near the end of the lesson we had to design our own "start up". In three groups of 5 students we made our "start ups" and we had to present it and then we decided which one was the best.

In the Afternoon we were also slpit in two groups. The one had their tour in English and the other one in German. The German group visited the “Pumpspeicherwerk Markersbach” a hydro-power station first and the English group the “Crottendorfer Räucherkerzenland” where they made their own Crottendorfer incense (scented candles) and then we switched.

Wednesday 9th November

On Wednesday morning our lessons started at eight o’clock. First we were split into groups of five. Then we were given a toy bear in a certain colour (either red, blue or green) and were supposed to give the bear a name that represented our group. Then we were each given a smaller bear that represented ourselves individually. Then we made a big poster with all the bears representing us. After that we had a lesson about job interviews. We watched some job interviews to see what a good job interview looked like and what a poor job interview looked like. In the third lesson, we carried on doing things about job interviews and made posters, which contained the DOs and DON’Ts of a job interview.

In the afternoon, we went to visit something extremely exciting: the Volkswagen factory in Zwickau. First we were given a talk about various things to do with Volkswagen. E.g. we were taught a bit about the history of the factory and so on.

Then we were allowed inside the factory. It was absolutely amazing to see how a piece of metal was made into a huge car. It was also very impressive to see all the robots doing all the work, replacing almost all humans. In conclusion: We all absolutely loved the day and would love to do it all again.

Thursday 10th November

On Thursday morning a bus took us to Dresden. After driving for two hours we arrived there. The German group (Vienna, Rauderfehn and half of the kids from Zwickau) went with the city guide first. We went to the synagogue, then to the Albertinum, an art museum. Once there was a flood and almost all the paintings became wet, so they built other floors above the ground level, and stored the paintings there – problem solved. Then we went to the Frauenkirche. It’s a very beautiful and old church. It was destroyed in World War II. For the reconstruction they needed 180 million euro and of these 115 million euro were from donations. I found the things the guide told us very interesting. We also vistited other sights, for example the catholic church, the Zwinger, the biggest porcelain picture in the world and the Semperoper. We also learned that many houses in Dresden were destroyed during the war and were rebuilt later, but still in an old style! After one and a half hour of walking, we entered the bus and took a look at Dresden from there. We went to some districts of the city like “Weißer Hirsch“ and “Blasewitz“ where we looked at the wonderful mansions. After the bus trip we had two hours of free time, then we drove back to Zwickau. Dresden is a very beautiful city. I think, Thursday was probably the most wonderful day of the whole week. I enjoyed the trip.

Friday 11th November

On Friday, our last day in Zwickau, we visited the August-Horch-Museum.The Horch Museum Zwickau is a museum about the automobile history of Zwickau, specially the foundation of Horch and Audi. It was built in 1988 and today there are about 70 cars inside and some other things about cars. The Horch 14-17 ps from 1904 is the oldest car of exhibition and only one of some cool cars from the age till 1945. It was a very interesting trip. After the trip, we had to prepare presentations about what we had learned during the week. We all had about 90 minutes to prepare for the presentations. It was a little bit difficult but we all made it. Later that day it was time to present. The presentations were about how to build a business, CVs, how to make a good interview and others . All groups done them really well!

Saturday 12th November

Saturday was the last day of our journey, our train left at half past nine so we had to get up quite early. Our guest families came with us to the train station and also the kids from Rhauderfehn, because their train left only twenty minutes after ours. There were also some children from Zwickau. We cried a little bit because it was sad, at first I didn’t believe I would miss them so much, but one week is actually a long time. On the train we discussed the week and just relaxed we all wanted to see our families. Professor Hienert left us one station earlier and when it was about five we finally arrived in Vienna.