Berichte aus Wien

Gepostet am: Jan 15, 2018 11:19:54 AM

Impressions of the Week

This Erasmus + project week in Vienna was unforgettable! We did cool excursions, interesting workshops and had varied CLIL lessons in which the students participated actively. We didn't just learn more about tourism, but also about each other, cultures and how to communicate with people from different countries. The Erasmus + project is also a great opportunity to connect with people and make new friends! It is quite surprising how fast you can embosom somebody. The week passed too fast and I already miss everyone. I am really glad that I could participate for the second time in this awesome project and meet new people, but also the ones I had known from Romania.

Lisa Zdziarska 6B


On our first day we all met each other for the first time in our “Wohnzimmer” where we immediately started to talk to each other. In our first lesson all the teachers introduced themselves and afterwards we (the students from Bg18) had to show the other students our school. Later we went to the gym and our Peer-Team prepared some games to get to know each other better. We had a lot of fun during the games and of course we laughed a lot. After the team building games we had our first CLIL Lesson about what tourism actually is. Later we went to the “Tiergarten Schönbrunn” where a presentation about the zoo was held and where we had lunch. Then we had a little bit of free time in the zoo. But as the time passed by we had to continue by foot and had a walking tour through Vienna. One of the best things this day was our visit to the “Time Travel”. Everyone enjoyed it and we had a lot of fun.

Katrin Vidovic 6B


On Tuesday the CLIL lessons started at 8 o’clock. First, we learned about cultural shocks, hidden aspects of culture and prejudices with the Danish teachers. In the second CLIL lesson the main theme was Marketing and Advertising with the Romanian teachers. After a break, all together we took part in the Klimabündnis Workshop on waste and recycling. Afterwards we had lunch and time to chat. After lunch we participated in two more CLIL lessons on tourism.

Anna Lisa Kropf 6B


On Wednesday morning our lessons started at 8 o'clock. In the first lesson we were split up into groups of six and had to find a topic for an AV (audio-visual) presentation about tourism. My group decided to do a presentation about tourism and culture. In the second lesson we had our last CLIL lesson about IT Theory and learned how to do a video, a screencast and a PPP (PowerPointPresentation). We decided to do a video, because we thought that this would be the funniest way to do a presentation. (and we were right ! ) After that we had a snack break and ate muffins. Then we had two hours of working on the AV task. In the fifth and sixth lesson we had presentations, one from “Vienna Card” and one from “Blaguss Reisen”. In the last lesson we had to prepare an exhibition work of our own country for the International travel exhibition onThursday.

In conclusion, the day was very interesting and we learned many ways of doing a presenation and about businesses of tourism.

Diana Franco 6B


The focus on Thursday was to work on our projects and to be finished by 2.15 pm. Every group had 5 students, one from each school. Each group had already decided their topic on Wednesday. Almost every group chose to talk about culture except for one, they wanted to be different, so they decided to do a presentation about “advertising”. We learned three different ways to present our projects, either shoot a video, create a screencast, or just hold a PowerPoint presentation.

Nobody took the PowerPoint presentation, which meant a lot of video editing at the end.

At 5pm the main event finally started. The school choir sang, a Romanian student sang, the Romanians started dancing and joined in. It was an unforgettable night full of laughter and happiness. The people were able to marvel our posters about our country or city. The event ended with a typical Austrian buffet, which was free of course.

Rais Hashmi 6A


Friday was the last day of the Erasmus+ project. Our day started like usual, at 8 o’clock we met at school, but all of us could feel that something was different. We all stood close together and enjoyed our last moments together. We were all in the TB and listened to Christmas music.

But we still had a few things to do. We discussed and talked about the whole week in the groups of our AV-presentations. Always one group went down to the IT-room where we had to fill out evaluation sheets.

Around 9:30 we left school to go to the Danube Tower. Once again, we used the Viennese public transport, which still was something special for our visitors. When we arrived at the Danube Park we all were overwhelmed by the Tower’s greatness. We took many photos. Some of us were afraid of heights, however we were very excited and looking forward to go up the Tower.

At the tower, we took the elevator to the viewing platform. We were all super excited and happy. We took a lot of pictures and simply enjoyed the view. After that we watched a small presentation about the tower and the plans for its future. And then the highlight: We were able to enjoy lunch in the restaurant of the Danube Tower. The food was delicious, they served Schnitzel and for the Vegetarians risotto. And again, we had an amazing view.

Afterwards we still had the opportunity to spend time visiting the Christmas market.

But as usual, time went by too fast. At the underground station, we had to say goodbye to the Romanians, because they had to leave that evening. Many tears were shed.

That’s how this amazing project ended. I’ll never forget this incredible week.

Carla Brugger 6A