Future Baby - Biology Project of the 6B

Gepostet am: Jun 09, 2016 7:0:34 AM

Lara Radda, Sophia Lauritsch 6B

But there is much more we know about this topic! One activity for the last days of school this semester will be a trip to a special museum, « Verhütungsmuseum ».

On the 31st of May, the 6B went to the cinema to watch the movie “Future Baby” which is about the future of human reproduction. Maria Arlamovsky, a medic and scientist, travels around the world and introduces new methods of reproduction, like IVF (in vitro fertilisation). We all liked the movie very much and it was informative.

Currently, the 6B is doing a project in Biology about how a woman becomes pregnant. Pregnancies usually last around 40 weeks and ends with childbirth. An embryo is the developing offspring during the first eight weeks following conception, after which, the term « fetus » is used until birth.