Berichte aus Rhauderfehn 2018

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Sunday – Arrival in Rhauderfehn

We had to get up very early in the morning and met at 6:30 at Bahnhof Meidling. Our train left at 6:50. We said goodbye to our parents and climbed into the train. During the day in the train we read books or played games.

It was a long journey and we had to change train two times. So we were happy when we arrived in Rhauderfehn, where the host families picked us up.

Karoline Misensky


On Tuesday, we split up into group A and group B again and each group went into their classroom. In the first lesson both groups played some games to get to know each other better. In group B we did speed dating where you would tell the other person facts about yourself, which was great since we didn’t know much about each other. The next lesson group B had Mrs. Killman who taught us about different types of vessels and about jobs on the ships. We also tracked ships on a website and later we had to present some of the ships that we had found. Group A learned about the EU and different programs like Erasmus plus. After the lessons we had lunch in the cafeteria. Then we all went to the “Fehn- and Schifffahrtsmuseum” by foot since it was only ten minutes away. There we learned about the history of Rhauderfehn and the production of peat. At 16:30 the tour was over and our host families picked us up.

Clara Kogler

MondayOn the first day at school in Rhauderfehn we all met at 7:35 in the cafeteria. First the teachers introduced the Erasmus + project and talked about the topic of this week. Then we were split up in two groups: three students from each school per group. In order to get to know each other more we played some warm up games. After that my group (group B) started to learn a bit about the EU and the other group talked about the different types of ships.

After the lessons we had lunch for about one and a half hours. They served Gulyas soup. In the afternoon we took the bus to a place where we played sport activities that are typical for Rhauderfehn. For example the ball sport named “Boßeln” and Teabaglongthrow (throwing teabags with your mouth as far as possible).

Kyra Kearns


On Wednesday, the lessons started at 8.25 a.m. That day, the Danish teachers prepared the lessons and the topic of the day was “Stereotypes”.

In the first lesson, we went down to the entrance hall and played games where you got to know each other better. One game that we played was where we had to write five values of oneself down and every round you had to remove the least important value. I enjoyed playing that game because I realized what was really important for me and I learnt a lot about the other students. In the second lesson we learnt about the differences between racism, stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice. I liked that everyone had the chance to express themselves because everyone wrote down their own definitions of those words.

After we ate in the cafeteria we went to the canal where the boat we later went on was. We split into two groups and my group got to go on the boat first where we spent about two hours. During the boat trip we learnt about the canals, bridges and nature around Rhauderfehn. We had a lot of fun on the boat because we talked a lot and we were all relaxed (even though it was very hot). Then we switched with the other group and learnt about different knots sailors use regularly. After that, a man who fabricates sails told us about his job.

After all, I enjoyed that day very much because I got to know the other students and teachers better and I had a lot of fun with them.

Marla Oppolzer


Everybody from the different countries met, like the days before, at 7:35 in the cafeteria. Then at around 8 o'clock we took the bus to Leer. When we arrived we took a little trip to see some churches from the time of the reformation.

A few minutes later our group walked back and we went to the “Reederei Hartmann”(shipping company). There we heard how it works and about the ships the company owns. Next we went to Nautitec where we had the chance to see a ship simulator. Ship simulators are used to train people who want to become sailors. After this we could be part of a lesson where we learnt about the language sailors use when they communicate with each other. Then we were divided in groups. Each group had one student. Together with this student we wrote our own dialogue which some groups had to present afterwards.

Later we went to Kochlöffel where we had our lunch. After lunch we were allowed to visit the city on our own or just go shopping. Most of us decided to go shopping.

At around 5 o'clock we met again at the train station in Leer. There our bus picked us up and we drove back to the Gymnasium Rhauderfehn.

When we arrived most of our host families were already there and we were allowed to go home.

Elena Lutter


On Friday we met at school at 7.30 a.m. in the cafeteria. We greeted the other Erasmus+ students from the different countries, who had come from their host families. After that, we took a bus to Ditzum, a small fishing village. There, a boat builder told us about his daily job. He showed us many different ships at the harbour of the Ems. A man also taught us about fishing in the fishing-museum. Very interesting was how they fished in the old days and how fish are caught now. After that, we had lunch in the museum. Then we crossed the Ems with a ferry boat from Ditzum to Petkum. From there we took a bus to Oldersum. There, we split up in two groups. One of them went to the ropery. I was part of the group that was shown how to make ropes. It was very interesting to see how ropes are produced and they also gave us a rope we got to make by ourselves as a souvenir. After that we had a wonderful tea-ceremony, where we learned how to drink typical East-Fresian tea. It was very fascinating to see, how different the various cultures can be. When the tea ceremony was over, we took the bus back to the school. There we had a goodbye-party and all the children from the different countries performed a song from the “Erasmus + Eurovision Song Contest“. Luckily, we were awarded first place with our song: Erasmus+.

This was a great way to say goodbye.

Karla Götze

Saturday - Departure

After one week we had to go home again. Our host families brought us to the railway station in Leer at 10 o’clock. The train left at 10:15. We thought we would have enough time to say goodbye. But we were wrong! We shed lots of tears at the station.

After the train left we didn`t know what we should do with all the time during the endless-travel. Although, we had to change the train two times, I was exhausted by boredom.

The train arrived five minutes earlier than the timetable told our parents. Nevertheless, we met at last and we were happy to be at home again.

Karoline Misensky

Impressions of the week

I think I spent the best time of my life in Rhauderfehn.

When I first came into the classroom I was a little bit worried. My only thought was, how to understand all these people. But I must say it wasn`t very difficult. All the students were very nice and didn`t laugh when someone made a mistake.

The topic that we had during this week was “Wasser § Schifffahrt”. It was really interesting to hear about different types of ships, to learn about their technical bases and to take a special boat trip with a historic ferry. In the beginning I thought it would be very boring, but most of the time it was pure fun.

My host family was nice and friendly and surprisingly I didn´t starve this week.

All in all, I have to say that the week was pretty cool.

Karoline Misensky

This week was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I met so many new people and made a lot of friends there. Everybody was so nice and I even started crying when we had to say goodbye to them. I will definitely never forget this incredible week. I never expected to have such an amazing birthday on Friday and I’m so happy that I had the chance to be part of this project. After these days I now even know some Danish and Romanian words and of course we taught the others some Austrian phrases too. My host family is like a second home for me now because they were so nice to me and treated me like their own child. I already miss everybody so much you just can’t imagine and I hope one day I will see all of them again.

Clara Kogler

I think this week was a really amazing experience and I was so happy and honored that I got to take part in this project. I met many new people and made really many friends. Everyone was really nice and I will miss them a lot .The host family made me feel really welcome and it was really great staying with them. I learned a lot and thought everything was really interesting. This was a great week because I know so much about other countries and their traditions now. On Friday when we had to say goodbye to everyone it was really sad since they had become my friends and I would miss them very much. This week was great and I would definitely do this again!

Kyra Kearns

My overall impressions of the week were only positive. I made a lot of friends who I still stay in contact with and I learnt how important it is to not to make assumptions about people before getting to know them. I now understand that it is essential to be open to new people, perspectives and cultures.

I am glad that I was chosen to take part in the last Erasmus + project because without it, I would not have made new friends and learnt interesting facts about ships, the EU and stereotypes.

Marla Oppolzer

It was a great experience and I am really happy that I was allowed to take part. My host family was really nice to me. I think that I improved my English in a great way. Of course I made some new Friends and I will try to keep in touch with them. I am really happy and it would be super cool if I could do something like this again. All in all it was I think the best I have ever done.

Elena Lutter

For me it was a wonderful week with a lot of great memories. I had to speak English with the others, so I improved my English a lot. I met so many nice people from different countries and I would have never thought that you could bring somebody into your heart in such a short time. I had so much fun every day and I really enjoyed this week. I think the kind people, and the fact that i wouldn´t see them any time soon, were the biggest reasons why I cried in the end. I´m really thankful that I experienced such a beautiful week with amazing people!!

Karla Götze