English Theatre 2015

Gepostet am: Apr 09, 2015 9:11:10 AM

On the morning of Tuesday, March 24, years 6, 7 and 8 went to the English theatre performance of 2015. The play 'The Makeover' by Clive Duncan tells the story of a group of students who start off trying to change themselves to fit in and be popular. However, the makeover (from kind-hearted, foolish guy to smooth, crawling achiever) does not go quite as planned and leaves the group dismantled and with the realisation that a suit neither changes a character nor is someone a good fit who does not like you on your icecream-binging sweatpant-days just the same as when high-flying. An easily digestible story with a happy ending and positive message.

The cast consists of a team of four young actors who switch back and forth between different characters throughout the play. Aiming to perform stories relatable for a wide range of teenagers throughout on an accessible level of English, 'The Makeover' has been a successful trip through and through.

Cathrin Fischer, 7B