7B Brighton-Reise

veröffentlicht um 30.05.2014, 06:12 von Georg Haschek   [ aktualisiert: 08.10.2014, 06:59 ]
Fourteen 7th-class students and two teachers returned Wednesday, May 28, from a wonderful weeklong trip to Brighton, England. Accompanied by professor Sierlinger and professor Stumpner, the students from 7B were in England as part of a language trip and had morning English classes at the Language Teaching Centre in Brighton. 

It wasn’t all classes, though — the group enjoyed several shopping trips, the famous Brighton Pier, a hike to Seven Sisters (seaside cliffs), and a fun-filled weekend in London (including highlights like a tour of the BBC and a play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre). Every evening, students would return home to their host families and enjoy a quiet evening or sometimes head back out to restaurants or other downtown attractions. 

Although the weather was often rainy and very changeable (the class got to experience “four seasons in one day”), the students had a great time sharing the new and exciting experience and of course, practicing their English and gaining some new knowledge as well. 

Stefan Arnone, 7B