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“Sports in the Spotlight” - DLP Project in 5B

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The last DLP Project of the school year in 5B was “Sports in the Spotlight,” encompassing the sports the class would be practicing and learning during the spring and their Summer Sport Week.

The girls were in training for the Frauenlauf to be held on May 26, so we focused on some facts and myths about running techniques and physiology. Each girl kept a running diary. On the day of the race classmates who were not participating came to cheer us on. Thank you!

Tons of bananas and Kaiserschmarrn and thousands of liters of sports drinks were consumed during the Vienna Marathon in April. How is food converted to energy so that it can be used by the muscles? To answer this question we had several biology lessons with Prof. Schmelz in English, concentrating on metabolism and the ubiquitous substance ATP.

In English class we practiced language skills surrounding the topic of sports: word formation, vocabulary builders and grammar. We also took a close look at American idioms derived from baseball vocabulary, which are used especially often in the competitive fields of politics and business.

On May 2 the 5A and 5B had a baseball day at the Donaupark planned, but it rained all day. We took a “rain check” “right off the bat” and played in the gym instead. It turned out to be an exciting and successful day after all.

Each student had signed up to learn sailing, windsurfing or tennis during the sport week in Weiden (see following report). In pairs the students researched a famous athlete in his/her sport and wrote a fictional interview with that person based on the facts. 

At long last it was time for the Summer Sport Week itself! Read on…
(Reported by Mag. Margaret Skopec)

From the 10th to the 14th of June, 2013, the 5A and 5B classes went to Weiden, Burgenland to do some summer sports and to have a good time together. We could choose among three different sports: sailing, windsurfing and tennis. The courses lasted about six hours, spread over the whole day. Between these sessions and our meals, we had the opportunity to rent a paddleboat or a motorboat. There was a small bay near the pavilions we lived in, where we could take a swim in the Neusiedlersee

We had great luck with the weather. On the first two days it was a little bit cold, but starting on Wednesday we had lots of sun and blue sky all the time. On Thursday morning the sailing and surfing groups took a test in order to get a sailing and surfing license so we can rent boats and boards in inland waters. In the evening the sailing, surfing and tennis teachers organized a beach party for us. They played some nice dance music and we had loads of fun dancing and enjoying a beautiful last sunset at the Neusiedlersee

On Friday we had to leave and drive back to Vienna.  Everyone was a little bit sad, because we all wanted to stay there longer. We had such a nice week and many happy memories from our time in Weiden.





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Text and photos by Lisza-Sophie Neumeier