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English in Action Course in the 3B

veröffentlicht um 21.09.2012, 06:05 von Georg Haschek
    From the 26th to the 30th of March, 2012 the 3B, together with the 3A, had our English in Action week. We learned to speak better English and to work better in groups. 

Our teachers were Maya, Rose and Lisa and they all come from England. With Maya we worked on our sketch, with Rose our projects and with Lisa we always played funny games. In the other lessons we worked in our special English in Action books. In our big group we were divided into smaller groups, a red one, a blue one, a yellow one and a green one. If we won a game competition or spoke very good English we got points. However, if we spoke German we lost points.

The teams for the project were made up of two to five people. The presentation of these projects should be about two to four minutes long. We had to write a magazine or make a poster or a PowerPoint presentation about something that the group found interesting. One group made a project about the 10 Worst German Songs ever, another about the Olympic Games 2012 in London, about fencing and Converse shoes. One sketch was about two sisters who watched TV and we played “How I Met Your Mother,” “CSI Miami” and “Austria’s Next Flop Model”. The other scripts were detective sketches. 

Alex, Pauli und Lukas are "Top Models"  Annabelle & Kasia & Isabella
Alex, Pauli & Lukas as "Top Models"                                              Annabelle, Kasia & Isabella presenting to the parents

On Friday at 2:30 p.m. all the parents came to watch our shows and presentations. We were all very excited to present our work to our parents. The whole show lasted one and a half hours. It was a great success. We got a certificate, everybody cheered and we all went happily into the Easter holidays.

Written by Pauli, Olivia and others