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American Visitor in the 1B - Dual Language Programme) (December 2010)

veröffentlicht um 30.03.2012, 18:36 von Georg Haschek   [ aktualisiert: 16.09.2012, 15:32 ]
An American student named Kristen came to our English class every Friday from September until December, 2010. She is practicing to become a teacher.
One day she told us her mother is an elementary school teacher in West Virginia (USA) and we could write letters to her students. First we wrote the letters. Then Kristen corrected them and sent them in a big envelope. We waited and waited to get answers from our penpals. Finally, on Kristen's last day before Christmas, she came into class with a big package.

Some of the words were new and confusing, but we read them together in class and wrote some phrases on the board. In addition to the letters every one of us received a West Virginia state pencil, an eraser with the United States flag on it and a piece of Hershey's chocolate!

We had lots of fun learning English with Kristen.

Noah Rosenzweig and Johannes Smith (1B)