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3B – English in Action Week

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From Monday to Friday, June 10th to June 14th, we had our English in Action week. It was great fun to speak English the whole time with our two teachers from Canterbury, England. We did project and communication work, and at the end of the week we had a presentation to show our parents what we had created.

2 Group Sketches:

We wrote a “Fairy Tale” for twelve people to perform. A storyteller read the sketch while characters like the Sandwich-King, Fresh Merlin, the Fairy, Asterix and Obelix performed their roles in costume on the stage.

We wrote “Paris Hilton’s Naily Adventures” about her horrible fingernail accident at a party. There were doctors, nurses and famous persons who tried to help her. It was a lot of fun to create and perform.


Our project was about “The Duck Song.” We worked five hours on it with the help of our teacher. It was fun to perform.

Two girls designed a magazine which teaches you how to do different things, for example, how to eat sandwiches if you have no arms.

Two girls planned a quiz show with funny tasks and audience participation.

Our cookery show was “Freshly Cooked with Andy & Alex.”  We baked brownies and muffins, which the audience tasted.

In our sketch a girl wanted to watch TV. Her mother made her watch a cookery show so she would learn to cook. She made an awful pancake. Surprise ending….but now the girl can watch whatever she wants on TV!

Three boys wrote, directed and filmed a horror movie. They worked over twelve hours on it and projected it in the classroom. The audience really laughed.
Six boys worked on a song parody. They wrote the lyrics, constructed the props, sang the song and filmed a music video. They worked really hard on the project but had so much fun filming it (at home).

It was lots of fun to learn English by playing games and enjoying school. The teachers showed us that being creative and speaking English is fun.

Written collectively by the 3B