GREAT DAYS OUT! Our Week at Haus Wendy (4B)

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    From April 23rd to 27th, 2012 the 4B went to Mauterndorf, Salzburg with our English teachers Prof. Skopec and Prof. Bernkopf for an English Project Week. We travelled by train and bus. We stayed at Haus Wendy, owned by a couple from Scotland named Bill and Wendy. There we had an extremely exciting time to learn and play.

We had two cool teachers named Alice and Jeremy (Jem), who complemented each other perfectly. We were divided into two groups and had three hours of English class every morning. We did lots of practical English, projects like story-writing and free speaking. Both groups had a main project. In Alice’s lessons we made a horror film. Everybody had a different job to do. There were actors, directors, editors…It was fun to shoot and prepare the scenes. Lukas and Moritz cut and produced the two films, which we presented on the last day. In Jem’s lessons he gave us some words and sentences and we had to use them to write a story, compose a song, or do other creative things. Hannah, Hanna, Mai Linh and Lisza wrote a song. They had loads of fun rhyming and singing.

In the afternoons our teachers always prepared fun activities for us to do. On a rainy day we had a treasure hunt through the village. The next days were sunnier, so we went hiking two times. We explored the beautiful landscapes of the Lungau.

On the final evening we wanted to say thank you to Bill and Wendy for a wonderful week in their house and all the delicious, home-cooked meals. We began our program with a Scottish folksong and dance, which Mrs. Skopec had taught us. We danced an American square dance, too, followed by karaoke and a disco. It was an absolutely wonderful week - although sometimes also very exhausting - and we learned a lot and had FUN.

Written by Lisza, Hannah, Jamil, Alin, Ferdinand and Lukas