Excursion to the Austrian Power Grid (APG)

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On the 18th June 2013 4B visited the APG. The APG is in the tenth district. On our arrival we were astonished by what we saw. The APG was a beautiful house of glass. In some ways it looked like a mushroom. We were greeted like real VIP’s. They had put on a great snack buffet including coffee, cookies, water and juice. Also fruits were there.

The first thing they showed us was the energy sources, which are used to produce electricity. Then we were told about the electricity transfer in Europe, especially in Austria. We also learned about total black outs and the cost of them. A black out is when a whole country or city has no electricity. Luckily we haven’t had a black out since World War II, because this could cost up to 5 million Euros. 

The second station we visited was the control centre. We weren’t allowed to enter it so we just watched through the bulletproof window. There are very strict security measures. We saw a huge monitor with a lot of diagrams, graphs and red and green lines, colourful numbers and a lot more. Just three people were in the AGP’s ”brain”: the system operator, the grid operator and the traffic controller. They have 12 hour shifts and always have to keep an eye on Europe’s electricity.

Our guide told us that there is another APG hidden somewhere in the Austrian mountains.

At last we went outdoors. We saw the big cables in which great amounts of electricity run through. We actually could hear the electricity. Next we saw the transformers, which change the voltage.

Even though it was really hot, we really enjoyed it and learned a lot of interesting things.

By Stella, Valerie, Christine, Julia   4B