5AB visited the act “Dance Class” in the “Vienna’s English Theatre”

veröffentlicht um 27.01.2015, 13:31 von Georg Haschek   [ aktualisiert: 28.01.2015, 11:08 ]
On 23rd of January 2015, the 5B and 5A visited the act “Dance Class” in the “Vienna’s English Theatre”. The story is about four teenagers (Liz, Julie, Tree, Gavin) who have to sit in a classroom because they are in detention. They all are very bad at school. But then a teacher suggests to them to take part in a dance class ... It should help the teenagers to be more self-confident.

We went there by tram and metro after the first lesson. The play took about one hour and we all liked it very much. To our surprise, it was the birthday of a girl from the 5B on this day and the actors of the play wanted her to come on stage after the act and dance with them. It was really great to see how she danced with them and we all enjoyed it!
Sophia, 5B