Sonja Derntl placed 5th in "English competition" final (März 2007)

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After the competition's second round (written and oral), held among over 60 students from 35 different Vienna schools, our Sonja and Julia had placed fifth and twelfth, respectively. BRAVO!

On March 27, 2007, the final round for the top ten contestants was held at Palais Festitics. The 7A-class was in attendance to cheer Sonja on. After a full morning of suspense - Sonja was first to offer a 4-minute spontaneous speech and last to be interviewed by dignitaries from the British and American Embassies - Sonja had won seventh place in Vienna and a substantial monetary prize from the generous sponsors. We congratulate her on this impressive achievement!

Bundesgymnasium 18 Klostergasse was the only other school in Vienna - alongside the Privatgymnasium Theresianum and the Sir-Karl-Popper Schule - to have two contestants among the top twelve finalists!

Sonja Derntl anxiously awaits her presentation in Palais Festitics.

The illustrious jury members and audience in the festive hall.

Sonja receives her certificate and prize from LSI Margit Auer representing the Wiener Stadtschulrat.

All 12 finalists, including Julia Andorfer (8B), second from right in the back row.

Mag. Margaret Skopec