Sonja Derntl placed 2nd, Marie-Theres Schlemmer 6th in "English competition" final (März 2008)

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Vienna's English Competition brought fame and fortune to two students of Bundesgymnasium 18 this year. Sonja Derntl (8A) placed 2nd and Marie-Theres Schlemmer (8A) placed 6th on March 11, 2008, in the final round at Palais Festetics.

Both girls had participated in the preparation course for three years, showing great commitment to improving their skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking English. Fifteen students attended this year's strenuous course, fighting their way through gap texts, video summaries and speaking exercises leading up to a 10-minute conversation on a controversial topical issue.Sonja and Resi, who won our school's competition in February, went on to battle it out against the best two contestants from other Vienna schools. This ended in victory for both girls, who placed among the Top Ten in Vienna.

In the final round the contestants are asked questions by two native speakers in an 8-minute interview in front of a large audience. They must also give a 3-4 minute spontaneous speech with only eight minutes to prepare it, using a cartoon or a famous quotation as a prompt. Sonja and Resi mastered these two challenges impressively and received a monetary prize and certificates from the sponsors and LSI Margit Auer.

BRAVO! BRAVO! and congratulations on this outstanding achievement!
Mag. Margaret Skopec