Lisa Derntl placed 4th, Elisa Maier 15th in "English competition" final (März 2009)

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This year's preparation course for Vienna's English competition was restructured to fit the criteria for the new Matura. Listening and reading comprehension, comment-writing and our favourite - ten-minute conversations on controversial topics - were practiced by all participants.

Several girls who had studied in the USA for a semester or more (Romana Baumgartner, Christine Deutschmann and Cornelia Kreuz) participated in the course to keep up their English skills, although they knew they were not eligible for the competition itself.

In the end we had two winners and an alternate who then represented Bundesgymnasium 18 in the Vienna-wide contest on March 24-25th, 2009:
  • Lisa Derntl (7B)
  • Elisa Maier (7B)
  • Julia Rainer (7B)
In two days of written and oral competition Lisa achieved an excellent 4th Place and Elisa 15th Place for all Vienna schools.

Mag. Margaret Skopec
Course Instructor

Photo from right to left: Prof. Skopec, Lisa, Elisa, Julia, Romana, Helen, Christine (all from 7B)