English competition / Englischwettbewerb (Februar 2007)

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Every Monday since the beginning of October around 10 students participated in the preparation course for the Vienna English Competition. We practiced our listening and writing skills through "fill-in-the-gap" exercises and by watching CNN video clips, with a follow-up summary and personal statement on the topic. We practiced our reading and speaking skills through impulse articles, about which we had a 10-minute conversation with a partner. The controversial topics for discussion ranged from the ridiculous new movie "Snakes on a Plane" to the ethical issues surrounding a face transplant.

After five months of practice, eight students participated in the school's English competition. Sonja Derntl (7A) and Julia Andorfer (8B), who won first and second place, will represent Bundesgymnasium 18 at the Vienna English Competition on March 14 and 15, 2007.

We all had great fun and learned many new techniques and words, and our teacher even told us after an English test that our listening skills had improved significantly.

Final contestants with jury: Prof. Ryba and Mr. Jeff Ritter

Final contestants with coach: Prof. Skopec

"And the winners are"...
Julia Andorfer (8B), second place
Sonja Derntl (7A), first place
Resi Schlemmer (7A), third place

Report and photos by Sonja Derntl